Free Panel vs Paid Panel

WHM (cPanel)

For shared hosting users, you must be familiar with cPanel. Because this panel is a paid panel and is the most widely used in the world. Sometimes there are some users who still ask what is the difference between cPanel and WHM. WHM is used to manage cPanel accounts. So by using WHM you can easily create multiple cPanel accounts, this means you can create web hosting for multiple websites.

Easy Maintenance
WHM provides an automated deployment feature that can be used to make settings on WHM. This feature makes it easier for you in the maintenance process by regularly updating security and applications.

Monitoring Features
Of course, a server must work 24 hours a day so it needs adequate supervision. WHM provides features to monitor any services running on the server, such as disk space, bandwidth, and so on. Monitoring is carried out to ensure that one of the accounts does not use excessive resources. However, there is 1 software that you can apply in using WHM, namely Cloudlinux. Where this software serves to limit the use of server resources for the cPanel account in it, so that if one time one of the websites on the server gets high traffic it will not burden the server and other users on the server.

Can Be a Reseller
This feature gives you the opportunity to provide hosting for other users. Take advantage of this reseller feature to create a reseller account. Later this reseller account will have one cPanel account to manage the registered website. One account can manage access to all domains, DNS, do hosting arrangements, cPanel. All of these features can be accessed through one account.

Expensive license prices. The WHM license price is quite expensive, but the price offered is comparable to the features provided by cPanel for its users.



Webuzo is a single user control panel that is usually used in VPS services. Unlike WHM which allows you to create multiple cPanel accounts, on Webuzo you can only create one account.

Display Easy to Understand
The placement of the menu is in accordance with the features provided. If you are familiar with cPanel, I think you will have no trouble understanding how Webuzo looks and uses.

There is a Free License
Webuzo provides a free version, but of course there are features limitations that can be used. So you have to buy a license to get more features.

Softaculous is the owner of this Webuzo. This software has many modules that can be installed using the click of a mouse, starting from PHP, Apache, to installing Wordpress and other CMS with just a few clicks.

Limited Number of Accounts

One Webuzo account can only manage 1 website. Unlike WHM, it is possible to create multiple cPanel accounts for multiple websites.



The previous two panels are paid panels. Even though Webuzo provides a free version, you can't use all the features needed in the free version of Webuzo. If you want to use a panel with adequate features and for free, VestaCP is the solution. You don't need a paid license at all to use VestaCP. But there are some things you need to pay attention to, namely in VestaCP you will not find a File Manager. Because to use this feature you are required to pay for a separate license. There are 2 types of licenses offered, monthly or perpetual, and these licenses will refer to your server's IP address. If your server changes its IP address, the license will automatically be disabled. So please note that as much as possible do not let your server experience a change in IP address.


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